Commercial Pressure Washing

Expert Commercial Pressure Washing in Concord, NC

Commercial Pressure Washing in Concord, NC

Sloops Pressure Washing offers commercial pressure washing for the majority of your commercial property needs. Our team provides routine maintenance cleanings to keep your storefront, sidewalks, awnings, signs, kitchen areas, gas stations, and buildings clean. In addition, we offer gum removal, oil removal, stain removal, grease removal, algae and mildew removal, black streak removal, and specialty stain removal at those locations. Most work is performed outside of business hours not to interfere with customers or business. We keep safety a priority while working around pedestrians, vehicles, and electrical on any job site. See here for information about Rust Removal

If you need your commercial property to be cleaned up to improve the curb appeal, call us for a quote!

Gas Station Pressure Washing in Concord, NC

For customers, the appearance of a gas station may be the deciding factor when choosing where to stop. Maintaining the appearance of your gas station can be difficult since there is probably not another type of business where customers directly interact with the business’ exterior to such an extreme degree as a gas station. Cars are driving in and out all day, trailing in the dirt and sometimes leaving oil, grease or other fluids behind.

Sloops Pressure Washing provides gas station pressure washing to keep your gas station looking clean and new.  Your customers will appreciate it!  Call us today for a free estimate!

Awning Pressure Washing in Concord, NC

Our awning pressure washing process cleans your awnings safely and effectively.  Your business’ awnings need to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent pollutants from damaging the surface of the fabric which will cause premature failure of the awning.  Additionally, the longer that residue remains on the surface, the more probable the chance that stains will become permanent.  Keeping an awning properly maintained not only protects your awning investment but has the added benefit of attractive, clean awnings.

We use a low pressure, awning cleaning method with a mild detergent that is especially designed for cleaning awning fabric and is 100% safe for all awning material and is biodegradable. Our awning cleaning process is the recommended method of many awning fabric manufacturers, such as Sunbrella, 3M, Cooley, etc. to keep your awnings looking young and vibrant years longer.

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Client Testimonials

"I have hired Cameron and his crew several times and have been extremely satisfied with each job! They are responsive, professional, and my house looks like new after each wash. I highly recommend this company!"

- Erica V.

"Awesome customer service! Will definitely use again!"

- Daina W.

"Caleb and his crew came out ready to work and did a fantastic job. They're very professional and pay close attention to detail. Will definitely use again!"

- Molly T.

"Professional, nice, solid work!"

- Vanessa S.

"Great group of people. Very pleased with. their service"

- Lori F.

"Outstanding service from Cameron and the crew. These guys take pride in their work and the results show it. Excellent communication from start to finish. Showed up on time and quickly and efficiently set about their business. In two hours time, they got more done and with a better finished product than i have ever been able to achieve with any combination of house washes and equipment I was using. Gave an excellent demo on the roof soft wash, and even suggested that at 20 years installed , the gutters would not stand up well to polishing. Actually, they looked so good after the house wash, I'm not sure they would have improved anyway. Will definitely have them back again and again."

- Edwin W.

"Cameron did an awesome job pressure washing my home. He worked with me on fitting it into my schedule. He promised to show up and he did. It was raining and they worked anyway. My home looks so much better! They did a wonderful job and I will use them again!"

- Lisa B.

"Highly recommend! The guys were professional, thorough and courteous! Our house, windows, deck, gutters, and patio all look brand new!"

- Menan H.

"Great service as always!!"

- Daniel V.

"Very professional and courteous. Did a wonderful job washing the house, deck, pavers and sidewalk. Highly recommend Sloops Pressure Washing."

- Nancy C.

"We hired Sloops Pressure Washing and they did an excellent job. The way the communicate with their customers is above and beyond. Highly recommend them for your exterior cleaning needs!"

- Sam B.

"Completely impressed from first call to finish!!! If you are comparing pressure washing services, then let me save you time by saying Sloops should be your #1 choice. Hands down. Period! Very, very, VERY pleased with the service and results!"

- Micah K.

"what a GREAT Company!!! sooo professional from the minute you give them a call. They're work is perfect!!! Now that's how you run a business!!! thank you so much!"

- Roy K.

"I am sharing this information with anyone that has older vinyl siding on their dwelling which may have faded or become chalky. I have wondered what could be done to improve the look and got informed to either paint it or replace. Neither appealed to me. Cameron had washed my house a couple of times and I decided to ask him about the situation. He informed me of this rejuvenation process he does and sounded really great. He is the only business I know that does this so I decided to give it a try. Cameron did the process and even followed up on it to make sure it was satisfactory. Folks it may be rather pricey but much less expensive than my other solutions. It looks great. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks to Cameron and his associates for their help!"

- John M.

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