Soft washing is highly talked about these days. Is it worth it? Is it better than pressure washing? Will it clean my roof effectively? There are so many questions and things that you must be wondering. But the ultimate thing that everyone thinks of is whether soft washing will cause any damages to their exterior.

The short answer to this is no, it won’t. Since you will not be overly cleaning your home using soft washing, the possibility of damages goes out of the window. However, we can understand as to why you might think this is possible since various chemicals are used in the process.

What Are The Main Chemicals Used For Soft Washing?

If you are concerned about the chemicals that are used for soft washing, then worry no more. The main chemical this procedure uses is bleach. This proves to be highly effective when it comes to the cleaning when it comes to getting rid of a multitude of gunk from your home’s exterior.

Most of the detergents you’ll find will have the basic element of bleach present in them. Why is this so? This is mainly because it helps in breaking down the mold, algae, and years’ formations of debris. So, once the low-pressure water is applied to it, everything washing off leaving you with a clean exterior.

Since soft washing is done once in a year or so, you will find that its use is not excessive. So, your home’s exterior will not be easily damaged since you will not be administering heavy detergents on it frequently.

But if you want to make sure that you are effective about this, then you should have a professional service to help you with this. Otherwise, there is a possibility of messing it up if you do it on your own.

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