Frequently asked questions about pressure washing:

Are all pressure washing companies the same?

Anyone can purchase a pressure washer. Simply owning a pressure washer and advertising you offer pressure washing doesn’t mean you can operate it safely and effectively. A machine in the hands of an untrained operator CAN do damage to your property. Just to name a few: Siding blown off, plants and lawn damage, concrete and wood over- pressured.

Are you insured?

Yes we are insured with a 2 million dollar general liability policy as well as NC workers comp

Do i need to be home while your washing?

Absolutely not. We understand that your just as busy as we are on a daily basis. We do ask that windows are closed, driveway is cleared, and fragile decorations are removed prior to service. Payment pickup can be arranged prior to cleaning date.

Will you use my water?

A water source is not required, but saves you money. If we provide the water we do charge an additional fee.

I received a coupon from another company offering low prices, can you match their price?

The companies that offer very low pricing aren’t carrying insurance, no chemicals or soaps, and are mostly using low budget equipment. Low priced offers, according to the Better Business Bureau, result in the most complaints and unresolved problems. Most of these companies will not be in business the following year. We are competitive on our pricing.

Will your pressure washing cause any damage to my property?

Absolutely not! We use low pressure on most services and use proper chemicals for the job. We are very professional while servicing our clients investment. We use a soft wash process that doesn’t force water underneath the siding. We use safe bio-degradable cleaners that don’t harm plants or other landscaping.

How often does my home need to be cleaned?

Depending on location, most customers clean every other year. If your property is located in a shady environment with trees close by, most customers clean every year.

What are the dark stains on my  siding?

Most likely it is mildew, algae, or dirt. If algae or mildew is left uncleaned, it can turn into mold. We have the right chemicals for your house wash.

What are the dark stains on my roof?

 Mildew, and algae cling to the roofing as well. Moss can also be found if not properly maintained. A soft-wash roof cleaning prolongs the life of your roofing.