How Dirty Is It?

Which method you use to clean the surface of your driveway depends on the type of filth that you are cleaning off. The same applies to anything. If your cloths have a wine stain you will clean it differently than if they are just dusty. If your microwave has crumbs in it, you will want to clean it differently than if it was growing mold. If you just bought a new car you will care for it differently than if it was 20 years old. All of these considerations matter for these items, and you shouldn’t expect it to be any different for the surface of your driveway. So, stop thinking that there is one way to do this job. The first step is to look at the driveway. Yes, that is correct. Just go outside and look at it. What is causing it to be dirty? Is it just leaves and sticks? Is it mud? Is it mold, algae, and black growth stains? Each needs a different method for cleaning. Can you apply all three in a time effective manner?

Get A Professional

Instead of processing all of this information, the best method is to hire a cleaning professional. They will apply two main methods to clean your driveway. First, they will remove all of the larger debris from the surface. This includes sticks, leaves, dirt, and mud. Then they will apply a soft washing solution and let that sit. This will kill all of the bacterial growth and mold that has started to form. Then, depending on the grade of the concrete, either rough or polished, they will select a pressure washing mode to remove the soap and any remaining grime, mold, algae, or growths. This pressure could range between the pressure from a garden hose or something 50 times more powerful. Most likely it will be a low powered pressure washing to protect the surface of your driveway from etching damage. Contact us today at Sloop’s Pressure Washing for a free quote!