There are a ton of companies offering a service called soft wash and pressure wash. They all pitch the same thing: “healthier than cleaning pressure,” “get spotless without pressure,” “the perfect way to clean your house,” etc.

However, you may have been wondering which of these two methods works better in cleaning your deck. Well, just keep reading as I’m going to answer that question in this post.  But let’s start by looking at how the two systems operate. They both run water through the pump and the hose, and the water is then sprayed on a deck to remove mud, mold, and any other stain. Cleaning products can be guided by hoses and applied seamlessly to house or surface cleaning using these systems.

Here are the main comparisons in these systems: for pressure washing, the water is pressurized to make it challenging to extract bacteria, debris, and so on. The benefit of this method is that you can use fewer chemicals when washing and that you can have more thorough washing for your deck.

Soft washing flows into a pump with too little pressurization. Typically, this system consists of more water than pressurized water being started spraying from the hose. Soft washing often requires a greater concentration of chemicals or cleaning solutions when cleaning a deck. Where a pressure cleaner would be able to extract particular dirt with no chemicals due to heat, the soft washing systems need the chemicals to release the dirt until the water is sprayed to remove it.

Ok now, is it better to pressure wash or soft wash a deck?

Well, you can use both methods if done correctly; and the best way to do this precisely is by always hiring a professional cleaning company to clean do the deck washing!

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