Before a property can be painted, the surfaces require to be cleaned up and prepped. Pressure washing is often an efficient technique to extensively cleanse your house’s exterior to prepare it for brand-new paint. However, just because your friend whipped out a pressure washer and went to town on his house doesn’t imply you should follow suit. Understand the risks of pressure washing your residential property, and find out how to make sure it’s done right.

Threats of Pressure Washing Your Residential Property

Even though a lot of people oftentimes use pressure washers on their homes, there are unexpected possible dangers in the method.

When water is fired at pressures too extreme, it can enter into your walls and your house. Your house is built to hold up against rain and other humidity, and it can even hold up against a reduced PSI with a pressure washer, however when pressure washers are put to use at whole ability, you may well wind up with soggy carpet, damp attics, and mold. When done incorrectly, a pressure washer can wreck house siding, even knocking it loose. The cement on brick households can be blasted away, as well, if the individual doesn’t understand what she or he is doing.

In unskilled hands, the pressure washer can obliterate window screens, cause leaking in window seals, and more. It can eradicate paint, and if you were only planning on washing your property, you’ll now be confronted with repainting also.

Perks of Pressure Washing Your Residence

With all those hazards, you might just be thinking about why you must even consider pressure washing your household. Nonetheless, in the right hands, pressure washing can surely be surprisingly worthwhile to your property.

When made use of at the suitable levels, pressure washing can clean your home of gunk, dirt, and unattractive discolorations. This increases curb appeal, and also simply makes you pleased to come home to your breathtaking home. When done right, pressure washing is an important part of house cleaning that keeps your household in tip-top shape while defending against bigger problems later on.

Pressure washing gets rid of mold and mildew, which are destructive to both your residence and the physical health of your loved ones. When mildew and mold go unattended, they continue to flourish– and mold can grow within walls, implying your residence’s interior could be altered. When done by a professional, pressure washing is an important step in prepping your household’s exteriors to be repainted.


Pressure washing is valuable, however only when completed appropriately. To do it right, you ought to have an expertise of how it has an effect on assorted materials, how those materials act in response to pressure, what to do in unforeseen scenarios, and more. Because of this, you must merely pressure wash your home if you’ve selected a licensed, experienced specialist who washes with low pressure.

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