In most cases, power washing is not bad for your house. In fact, if you are trying to efficiently clean the outside of your home, this is a great option. However, you want to power wash your house correctly and professionally.

Power washing uses high-pressure water. So, at times, it can be dangerous for your home if you do not apply the water properly to an exterior surface.

When Can Power Washing Be Dangerous?

Power washing is meant to be high pressure. Still, when the pressure is cranked up too high though, this can create damage to your property. In particular, you can soak through your home with water and allow mold and other bacteria to enter your house. Furthermore, a high enough pressure could knock things loose.

Shingles, mortar, and protective layers can be stripped away. Even windows and screens could be ripped apart. This is most likely to happen in the hands of a homeowner without experience. So, you want to leave a pressure washing to someone who knows what they are doing.

Sticking To Low Pressures and Proper Detergents

Really, if you are going to wash the outside of your home yourself. You should use lower pressure water with detergents and other safe cleaning chemicals. For example, a soft wash might be much more accessible and easy to accomplish for an inexperienced homeowner.

In truth, power washing is no joke. Again, it’s not bad for your home at all. You just want someone with the right tools and knowledge to use this method of cleaning. Anyone you hire should also be mindful of using low enough pressure so that you don’t have to deal with any issues or home damage!

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