Looking to enhance your curb appeal without replacing your roof?

Sloops Pressure Washing offers a no pressure, soft-wash service to clean your residential or commercial roofing. High pressure causes damages, leaks, and takes years off your roofs lifespan. Roof cleaning is a wise investment to prolong the life of your roof, improve curb appeal, and restore the shingles to properly do their job. In most cases, a buyer or seller may see the roof as needing repaired or replaced, when it only needs to be cleaned. We use professional solutions that are bio-degradable, and use the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association’s recommended mixture strength. While washing, we protect all landscaping, electrical, and water sensitive areas. Sloops Pressure Washing offers a 3 year warranty on all soft-wash roof cleanings from any mildew or black algae returning to the surface.

If your ready to improve your curb appeal, and prolong the life of your roof, give us a call @ (704) 796-8672.