Every cleaning method has been designed for different purposes. Unfortunately, lack If this essential knowledge has resulted in heavy repair costs and insufficient results. Depending on the purpose of the use of a cleaning method, you can choose either one. However, as the popular saying goes “better safe than sorry”. It is best that you chose a method that offers you the safest option, most effective in return for your money spent and long-lasting effects after incorporating the cleaning method. To decide consciously about your cleaning methods, let’s go through some details, advantages, and disadvantages of each cleaning technique.

Soft washing

Using a low-pressure water gun, this method is a perfect match for sensitive surfaces. It also integrates the use of chemicals for an increase in inefficiency. This type of cleaning is best when dealing with organic contamination. Here are some examples;

  • mildew
  • bacteria
  • algae
  • dirt
  • bird and animal feces

How is it done?

Soft washing uses a small machine that is designed with a low-pressure nozzle. Many of the companies use an electric agricultural sprayer. Many of the chemicals used in this process are biodegradable by taking the right measures.

Advantages of soft washing

  • Preventing damage to the sensitive roof material

Many houses have a sensitive roof material. This is the safest method in approaching the material of the houses.

  • Cleans through

It acts as an all-round disinfectant


  • Use of chemicals 

This method incorporated the use of chemical agents for cleaning purposes. Many eco-con  homeowners may be worried about the consequences. Company professionals are aware of these facts and try to take the best measures to avoid any chemical hazards in your living area. They usually direct the wastewater afterward to the drain where it can get disposed of correctly. Some other companies collect this wastewater and treat it before disposal. This is especially required for biological farmhouses; these places are sensitive to and contamination. Due to the alkaline nature of these cleaning agents, a few milliliters of commercial acetic acid or vinegar can neutralize it. All the alkaline nature cleaning liquids such as bleach and sodium hydroxide are sensitive to UV; once there has been a good sunny day, any traces would be deactivated as well.

Power washing cleaners

This method uses hot and cold water with pressure on various surfaces. It is best to be used for heavy-duty cleaning and especially with inorganic dirt and stains. 

How does it work?

The water is sprayed on the designated surface using a high amount of pressure. This method is chemical-free and has no defect able effect. It rather is a physical germ and dirt removal using high pressure water.


  • Has hot and cold water regulation

This method uses both hot and cold water for different uses. 

  • Cleaning efficiency with resistant stains

It is the best technique against petroleum resistant oil puddles under your car, or even exhaust poured garage walls, making this method the most effective against inorganic solutions. 

  • Chemical-free

This technique incorporates no other material than water. There are absolutely no chemicals used in this method. Although this aspect makes it questions regarding the hygiene levels provided.

Disadvantage of power washing cleaners

  • It is ineffective against microbiological dirt

An electric high-pressure cleaning machine can only clean the surface. Although the lower levels may remain unaffected and continues to regrow soon after, the cleaning has been done. One of the most destructive of this microorganism is the algae family member. It grows on the shingle of the roof; not only making it look ugly but also it causes your roof to rot. Many experts believe a ten-year deduction of the age of your roof with this condition. Power washing is unable to control colonizing microorganisms. 

  • It encourages fungus growth

It may sound extreme, but this method of cleaning lets the moisture inside the tiny voids in your walls and ceiling. This can cause further microorganism growth.

  • Breaking glass, wood, and plaster

People who have the experience of watching their house exterior are familiar with various accidents. Breaking of window glass due to high pressure is a common occurrence. Most of the house building materials are affected by water pressure applications and can get adversely affected as a result. 

  • Electric related accidents

On many occasions using high-pressure water to clean the house, has penetrated the electric lines and resulted in a central electric board short circuit. This is due to high levels of generated pressure through this method. 

The ultimate solution to your house exterior wash

The best option for getting the best results is the soft washing technique. Your house, as much as it seems strong, it is also vulnerable to harsh treatment. Power washing may exhaust the health of your roof and walls by chipping, breaking and penetrating. For an integral approach, you can hire a well-reputed company to take over this task for you. Most of these professionals incorporate the use of soft wash techniques. Occasionally they may incorporate the hot water pressure cleaning only areas that are subjected to inorganic dirt; garages, car oil drips in the yard and even your front porch sidewalk. 


Making extensive research before incorporating any method in your house cleaning helps you to have a better idea. It is always safe to read the customer review. You can get expert advice once you have called a cleaning company; all you need to do is let them know about the material of the cleaning surface and your concerns. Make sure that you have contacted a reputable cleaning company as well. There is nothing like experience to result in the best decision making.

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