Pressure or soft washing? Which is better on a driveway?

Let A Pro Make The Call

Both solutions can either fix the problem or make it worse. You shouldn’t have to be the one to make that call each time. Instead, hiring a professional will take the stress away and get the job done right the first time. How many times have you done something and had to redo it because you screwed up? It is fine to screw up but cleaning your driveway the wrong way could actually decrease the quality of the concrete or kill the plants and shrubs that surround the road. Both results need to be avoided. The best way to clean your driveway and avoid the harsh hazards of a failed job is to not do it at all. Hire a professional to make the determination of which method to use. This way you know you will be right every time.

It Always Depends

Cleaning a driveway is a lot like cleaning cloths. Both act as a surface that collects dust, dirt, and grime. And like your cloths, there are more ways than you think to clean your driveway. Most likely a professional will use soft washing in combination with pressure washing. This means that they will use soap and water to actually clean the surface and pressurized water to remove the materials for a new driveway look. First, they will remove the debris from the driveway. This will expose where the mold and algae are growing the most. Next, they will apply the soft washing mixture that kills bacteria and lifts grease from the surface. Finally, they will gauge the age and quality of the surface to apply a pressure level that cleans everything off without damaging anything. If the pressure is too high it will actually etch the surface of the concrete. This is why high powered pressure washing can be dangerous and detrimental to the utility of your concrete surface.

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