You need to get rid of algae, dirt, bacteria, mold, and other unsightly messes accumulating on the surface of your home. But maybe you don’t know what method to use to clean the outside of your property. There are a few different ways you can clean this area of your house. And in this post, we will discuss them. In particular, we will talk about the differences between pressure washing and soft washing.

How To Know The Difference Between Pressure Washing and Soft Washing?

Either type of cleaning method can be used on the outside of a house. But you want to choose carefully when you get someone to wash your home or when you clean it yourself. Pressure washing and soft washing both create ideal results, but only when you have the right knowledge of these methods.

Pressure washing, as you can imagine, uses much more pressure to get a cleaning done. High powered water is sprayed from a nozzle and onto your home. An area can be cleaned quickly and strongly with this technique. However, most amateurs should not be using pressure washing. If you don’t have a lot of experience with pressure washers you can actually damage your home.

Soft Washing, on the other hand, uses lower pressure water to maintain the appearance of a house. Chemicals are infused into the water, so you don’t need as much pressure to get rid of stains and dirt. This method is perfect when you are trying to wash areas that are more sensitive or fragile. For instance, wood surfaces, screens, and windows can do better with a soft wash.

Alternatively, pressure washing is much more suited to materials such as concrete, brick, stone. So areas like your driveway or sidewalk can benefit from a pressure wash. Whichever method you choose though, we recommend hiring a professional. They will know which washing choice is best for your home. 

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