As important as bi-annual gutter cleaning is, it’s just as important to plan the cleanings at the most ideal times of the year. It’s recommended you have your gutters professionally cleaned every fall and spring in order to ensure they’re operating in their best form and they aren’t causing a hazard or any potential issues for your house and your foundation.

Having your gutters cleaned by a professional as opposed to cleaning them by yourself has a lot of benefits. When cleaning your gutters by yourself, you not only run the risk of personal injury from falling or slipping, but you also run the risk of not thoroughly and effectively cleaning your gutters, leaving your home at risk. By hiring a professional to clean your gutters you not only cut back on personal time spent cleaning, but you also save yourself from countless risks, and have confidence that your gutters are performing at their best.

The fall is an exceptionally important time to have your gutters cleaned. As leaves, sticks, and other typical fall debris fill your gutters it prevents water flow from easily passing through your gutters. This can easily cause a back up and an overflow of water. Overflowing gutters can lead to some serious issues, such as foundation problems. Not only will cleaning your gutters from fall debris prevent an overflow in the gutters, it also allows water to effortlessly run off your roof, therefore putting less strain and lessen the potential of water damage on your roof.

Cleaning your gutters in the spring is just as important as cleaning them in the fall. As the spring brings a lot of downfall as well as a lot of melting moisture from the winter, gutters become more important than ever for shepherding water and moisture off of the roof and away from your home. One overlooked reason for cleaning your gutters every spring especially, and during the fall is to avoid unwanted pests and critters. If nests of leaves, sticks, and fall debris collect in your gutters it makes the perfect environment for all sorts of pests or critters. With gutters being attached to your home this opens the door for these unwanted guests to enter your home. Mold growth is another critical reason to ensure you’re getting your bi-annual gutter cleanings done. Standing water plus warm weather makes for the perfect environment for mold growth. As the mold takes over sections of your gutter, it’ll have nowhere else to go but to the roof and the walls of your home. Once the mold grows towards your room, or on the walls of your home you’ll be looking at a much more tedious, and costly fix than a gutter cleaning would be.

Proper gutter maintenance is integral to protecting your home from suffering severe damage. A task as simple as hiring a professional gutter cleaning is much easier and cost effective than dealing with the issues that can result from poor gutter maintenance.

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