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Our Various Exterior Cleaning Services

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Commercial Power Washing

Sloops Pressure Washing offers commercial pressure washing for all of your exterior cleaning needs. Our team provides routine maintenance cleanings to keep your storefront, sidewalks, awnings, signs and buildings clean. In addition, we offer gum removal, oil removal, rust stain removal, grease removal, algae and mildew removal, black streak removal, and specialty stain removal at those locations. Most work is performed outside of business hours not to interfere with customers or business.

Pressure Washing

Restore your concrete to look like new! Clean surfaces enhances curb appeal, presenting a positive image to customers and visitors.  Accumulated dirt, algae, and staining can lead to the deterioration of the concrete, shortening its lifespan and leading to costly repairs. Maintained surfaces are safer to walk on; algae and dirt can create slippery conditions that increase the risk of slip and falls. We use the correct surface cleaning equipment to clean safely and efficiently without damaging the surface.

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House Washing

Our team soft washes the exterior surface using low pressure, high volume equipment that prevents damage unlike the high pressure alternative. The soft-washing process cleans all organics, dirt, debris, webs, and nests from the siding, windows, doors, trim, soffits, porches, and foundation. Our soaps and solutions break down and remove organic growth from the pores of the surface to keep the surface cleaner for longer. Our soaps are diluted down through pro-portioner systems making it safe to use around plants, stained wood, and sensitive parts of the property.

Roof Cleaning

Does your roof need restoring instead of replacing?  We offer roof soft washing to remove all organic growth. Absolutely no pressure is applied in any way to roofing to avoid damage of any kind. Our process kills and eliminates the algae, cleans the streaking, and restores roofing to proper condition. Our team cleans all rubber and TPO roofing, asphalt shingle, slate, cedar, barrel tile, and metal roofing. Sloops Pressure Washing offers a 5 yr. warranty / guarantee that black algae will not return to the roofing during this period.

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Deck and Fence Cleaning

Preserve the beauty and longevity of your wooden and composite decking and fencing with our professional low pressure cleaning services. Using the correct solutions and low pressure equipment is crucial in preventing damage and ensuring that the surfaces of these materials are not compromised. Regular maintenance not only enhances the appearance but also protects the surface by preventing rot, decay, and slippery surfaces.

Graffiti Removal

Has your property been illegally ‘tagged’? Graffiti will tarnish the visual appeal of your property and sometimes send the wrong message to your visitors or customers. Our graffiti removal service is here to restore your properties image swiftly and effectively. Our team uses the correct pretreatments to help dissolve the paint followed by a steam cleaning. After your property has been defaced, our team makes the necessary adjustments to get you priority scheduling.

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Rust Removal

Does your property suffer from rust, irrigation or iron staining? Choose our rust removal restoration service for a clean, professional, and pristine finish. By applying specialized, non destructive solutions tailored to your surfaces, we gently lift stain deposits from the affected areas. If your area gets constant irrigation staining, ask about our maintenance treatments!

Paver Sealing

Restoring your outdoor space has never been easier! Our company cleans, sands and seals ALL applicable patio surfaces. Our team uses ALL Trident paver sealing products. Learn about them here: Trident joint stabilizing sealers will stabilize (harden) joint sand which is extremely effective at reducing sand washout, inhibiting weed growth and resisting insect infestation in segmental pavement surfaces. In addition to providing protection from the harsh elements, Trident joint stabilizing sealers can also enhance the look of concrete, stone and paver surfaces by adding a shine and/or darkening surface tone while making them easier to clean and maintain. Trident joint stabilizing sealers are breathable, immediate application water or solvent-based formulas with Fungal Guard to help discourage the growth of mold, moss and algae on the sealer film, making them ideal for patios, walkways, driveways and areas prone to these offenders When using Trident joint sand, polymeric sand or resin sand during the restoration process of a segmental pavement surface, it will ensure a durable, long-lasting performance of the system. Using a Trident joint stabilizing sealer with Trident’s joint sand will stabilize (harden) the sand in the joint and protect the surface. Trident’s PolySweep polymeric sand is a proprietary blend of sand and polymers and when it is activated with water will produce a semi-solid joint. Trident’s PS-1500 resin sand is a ready-to-use solution for stabilized sand joints made of finely graded joint sand that’s pre-mixed with a one-part superior strength reactive resin. PS-1500 is installed on a wet surface with water and a squeegee. Choose between 12 different sand colors!

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New Construction Cleaning

Sloops Pressure Washing specializes in post construction cleanup. A clean property presents a professional image, showing quality and attention to detail. Post construction cleaning removes all traces of dirt, red clay, debris, building materials, etc. ensuring the property looks its best for buyers or tenants. Washing new construction properties is a critical final step that ensures it’s ready for its next phase. Our team specializes in post construction warehouses, schools, restaurants, shell buildings, gas stations, strip centers, custom residential and multi family.

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Hot Water Washing

Steam cleaning services are essential for restaurant cleaning, graffiti removal, concrete cleaning, paint removal and sanitization. Sloops Pressure Washing is equipped with up to date hot water equipment to increase efficiency and quality. Hot water washing services are versatile and can suit the needs of diverse properties, ensuring quality cleanliness and maintenance.

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